Deborah E. Alexander - One of Atlanta's Most Accurate Intuitive Tarot Readers
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Gifted from birth, I am  a multi-talented intuitive and empath, I use psychic ability , compassion and many levels of "seeing" to help my clients with their  problems and life lessons here on earth.  

My readings  are done on multidimensional levels, not just this vibrational reality.  I have developed my intuitive abilities  knowingly since the age of thirteen.   I have know I had this gift since the age of three.  
I have over thirty years studying and working  with the Tarot.   Since 1995, I have worked as a Professional "full-time" Spiritual Counselor.  I conduct my Intuitive session using the  Cosmic Tarot and communicating with "The Watchers". (my guardians). 
I am very eclectic spiritually and religiously.  I respect aspects of all religions and see them as only different pathways to the Divine, the  Higher Self, God/Goddess if you prefer.  I have clients of all faiths and religions and I respect them all as friends.  My beliefs are my own and I never push one path over another. 
 For an informative, straight forward and  fun reading, call me to make your telephone reading appointment.  

If I am not availabel or with a client,  please leave your name and telephone and I will return your call as soon as possible.



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