Deborah E. Alexander - One of Atlanta's Most Accurate Intuitive Tarot Readers
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 Gifted from birth as a multi-talented intuitive clairvoyant and empath, I use psychic ability, compassion and many levels of "seeing" to help my clients with their  and chosen life lessons here on earth.  My readings are done on a multidimensional level, not just this vibrational reality.  I have developed my intuitive and spiritual gifts since the age of three.  
I have over thirty working with the Tarot and since 1995, I have worked as a Professional "full-time" Spiritual and .  I conduct my Intuitive session using the  Cosmic Tarot and by channeling "The Watchers". (my guardians). 
I am very eclectic spiritually and religiously.  I respect aspects of all religions and see them as only different pathways to communicate with the Divine, the Higher Self, God/Goddess if you prefer.  I have clients and friends of all faiths and religions., and I respect them all as my friends.
 For an informative, straight forward and  fun reading, call me today to make your telephone reading appointment.  

If I am unavailable please leave your name and telephone and I will return your call as soon as possible.



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